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In this exclusive white paper, our VP of Business Development, John Pojeta, pulls back the curtain on the approaches and techniques that will position you for explosive growth in 2017.

Drawing upon the lessons we’ve learned in our own business and in working with some of the nation’s top advisors, John details how a revenue-focused mindset can transform key pieces of your pipeline. From rethinking how you approach leads to how you talk to prospects themselves, this white paper gives you the tools for setting and reaching new business goals in the coming year.


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A Winning Pipeline Design for 2017

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Prioritizing growth means focusing more on closing sales than on generating leads while also adopting an approach to sales that is explicitly designed to unseat the incumbent advisor.

While it might seem like generating leads is a mandatory piece of your pipeline—and to some degree it always will be—we have found that sales people often hit a wall when it comes to following up with leads. Even in our own business, we have divided appointment setting and closing sales into two distinct processes with two sets of sales people.

This change is subtle, but when we implemented it in our business, we saw substantial gains in growth. When the advisors we worked with did the same, they too saw growth.

And this is just the beginning of how you should be thinking about your 2017 sales pipeline.

A Winning Pipeline Design for 2017

Eric Schmidt, the 100th richest person in the world with a resume that includes work at Google and Apple, once said, “Revenue solves everything.” This is the ideal outlook to adopt as you plan for explosive growth in 2017.

When you have money consistently coming in the door, few problems are too big to tackle. You can hire new staff. You can bring in experts. You can outsource the work you aren’t good at or don’t particularly want to do.

As long as the business is moving forward, you will likely have the resources and the morale to handle new challenges. When new revenue (from completely new clients) stops coming in — despite how much momentum and power consistent revenue gives a business — a strange thing happens. Advisors turn their attention to almost everything but finding new business.

When times are good, sell. When times are hard, sell even more. No matter how good your sales numbers were in 2016, you can do better in 2017.

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