401(k) and Qualified Plans

The ongoing saga of the DOL ruling and its delays have created an atmosphere of uncertainty for advisors. While the debate continues, many advisors are failing to recognize that business owners are also affected by the confusion. While other advisors wait for the dust to finally settle, the top forward-thinking advisors are using the chaos to seize a new kind of opportunity and to start conversations with prospects.

US Capitol Building: 401K Appointment Setting

With our appointment setting program, you can dedicate your attention to current clients and to prospective clients, completely freeing the time needed to generate new business. Our clients report that 85% of met appointments are highly qualified or qualified, which means that you can focus entirely on doing what you do best while we continue to deliver new prospects.

As our sales associates interact with potential prospects on your behalf, they use your unique storyboard to properly position you and your services and to ensure best expectations for the meeting, for every party involved. Within qualified plans, some discussion points for securing appointments are:

  • Full Fee Disclosure
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Competitive Analysis/Benchmarking
  • Educational Services401K Appointment Setting Programs Report

To prepare you to succeed in this meeting, The PT Services Group provides a business intelligence report so that you can enter an appointment prepared and informed. Click the image to see the scope of information that we provide on these reports.

With set appointments backed by storyboarding, exclusivity and Sandler Sales Coaching, the door to new business is opened for you, and you have the tools to capitalize on the opportunity that awaits on the other side.

Connect with us or contact John Pojeta (412-291-6685), our VP of Business Development, to discuss how appointment setting can benefit your business.