Health and Welfare

Health and welfare for any company is a process, not an event, but the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act and the growing number of insurance companies pulling out of ACA programs has made this process much more difficult for HR directors, CFOs, and CEOs in the decisions they make for their businesses.

Though the future may be unclear, the demand for insurance professionals who can address the needs of a business today and tomorrow has created a unique window of opportunity.

Generating new business is the key to maintaining and growing your business, but finding qualified prospects is a laborious process that can distract you from more immediate sources of revenue. By incorporating our appointment setting programs into your business model, you can dedicate yourself entirely to serving current clients and meeting with prospective clients. Our current clients report that 85 percent of met appointments are highly qualified or qualified, making The PT Services Group a trusted partner in your success.

To engage decision makers relevant to Health and Welfare, we discuss with them:

  • Impact of healthcare reform/PPACA
  • Consumer-driven health plans
  • Self-Funded plans
  • Pay or PlayHealth & Welfare Appointment Setting
  • HR tools and resources
  • Health & Welfare appointment setting

To prepare you to succeed in this meeting, The PT Services Group provides a business intelligence report so that you can enter an appointment prepared and informed. Click the image to see the scope of information that we provide on these reports.

With set appointments backed by storyboarding, exclusivity and Sandler Sales Coaching, the door to new business is opened for you, and you have the tools to capitalize on the opportunity that awaits on the other side.

Connect with us or contact John Pojeta (412-291-6685), our VP of Business Development, to discuss how appointment setting can benefit your business.