Sandler Selling System ®

The PT Services Group - What We TeachOur sales associates complete training in the highly respected Sandler Selling System methodology.

We have engaged Sandler® coach Dan Hudock to give our team the training and tools to effectively engage cold calls, which benefit our clients who use our appointment settingbusiness intelligence and data collection services. Because of Sandler training and coaching we see a higher return on our efforts.

When we spoke with our clients in the appointment setting program, we discovered the challenge that hindered them from making sales in the past: set appointments were valuable to our clients, but the process of engaging a potential customer under these circumstances was much different from engaging a referral. Our clients weren’t bad at sales; they were simply unsure of how to best capitalize on the unique opportunities that The PT Services Group provides. The addition of customized and tailored training under the Sandler Selling System helps our clients to increase their comfort level with our appointments and to accelerate their success rate.

We now offer Sandler training to all of our clients using appointment setting services. As a result, our clients report increased confidence when entering a first appointment with a potential prospect, making the programs we offer that much more beneficial to their businesses.

Connect with us today to learn how we can open new doors for your business, or contact John Pojeta (412-291-6685), our VP of Business Development, to discuss how The PT Services Group can benefit your business.