Appointment Setting Produces Big Return for Two Specialists

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As veteran top producers in the executive compensation planning space with over two decades of combined experience, Chris and Scott knew how to manage their existing clients. The problem, however, was that their services had expanded so rapidly that they had no time remaining to dedicate to finding new appointments.

The owner of their company heard about The PT Services Group through MassMutual, and recommended that Chris and Scott explore appointment setting as a new business tool.

After contacting The PT Services Group and discussing their needs and goals, Chris and Scott opted for a shared program to optimize their time, resources, and expertise. After their first few appointments, they realized that they had found the essential piece to their growth they had been missing.

“[The PT Services Group] got us in front of people we would have never been able to meet,” Chris said. “PT’s persistence and professionalism is often mentioned during our meetings.”

The PT Services Group now handled the work they were previously unable to do on their own, and the results surprised even these two experienced professionals.

“We sold approximately $90,000 in commissions in our first year, which is more than triple our investment,” Scott said. “On top of that, our sales pipeline is filled with numerous quality prospects for future sales.”

Over a five year span, The PT Services Group scheduled 375 appointments for Chris and Scott, and they closed, on average, 3 out of 10 appointments, which also filled their pipeline with referrals.

With The PT Services Group setting appointments with potential prospects, Chris and Scott saw their business blossom into a standalone entity in just one year. Now, their partnership is so successful that clients come to them, and they recognize The PT Services Group’s work as a primary cause for this success.

“If you are looking for a way to open doors you were unable to open, [The PT Services Group] is a great investment,” Chris said. “We enjoy having [The PT Services Group] as a part of our team and look forward to continued success.”

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