Insider Tips for a Business-Owner Pipeline

The key to growing your business is a steady stream of B2B prospects.

An active appointment setting program can lay the foundation for explosive growth, connecting you with new prospects in your target niche month after month. We find them; you convert them.


Insider Tips for a Business-Owner Pipeline

Learn the secrets to building a business-owner pipeline in three steps from our exclusive white paper.

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With an active appointment setting program, you can dedicate your time to working with existing clients, talking with referrals, and engaging with new prospects that want to talk to you about the services that you provide without wasting time on the arduous task of finding new leads. These appointments are vetted and prequalified by our team and provided to you. We even provide Sandler Sales Coaching to prepare you to succeed in this unique sales scenario.

We offer appointment setting programs in the following areas:

  • Executive Compensation Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Health and Welfare
  • 401(k) and Qualified Plans
  • Property & Casualty Insurance
  • CPA Alliances

Our services have provided a key source of new business for our clients, helping them to grow their business and build a pipeline for generating sales and referrals. Contact us to talk about your growth goals or start reading our white paper, Beyond Referrals, to learn more about appointment setting and its potential for accelerating your new business efforts.


Insider Tips for a Business-Owner Pipeline

Step 1: How to Build Your Pipeline with Appointment Setting

Appointment-setting programs fail for one of two reasons. Either the appointments may be poorly qualified or the producer may not have a well-refined sales process built to capitalize on these unique opportunities.

As easy as it may be to blame failure on the quality of the appointments that you receive, turning your attention to the structure and organization of your sales pipeline can prepare you to increase your success in all sales scenarios, appointments included. The most successful appointment-setting programs are a partnership between great appointment-setters and great producers. In this case study, we use a real-world example as a launch pad for evaluating your own sales process.

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Inside Tips for a Business-Owner Pipeline