Data Collection

Data collection can be the key to tapping a rich new business resource.

In the past, major corporations have used our data collection programs to update, en masse, their database of customers and prospects, to verify data, and to complete profiles of customers and prospects by collecting missing information, like emails. We can do the same for your company and tailor the approach to fit your exact needs.

The PT Services Group Data Collection, Telemarketing, Lead Generation

Because our sales associates are highly trained researchers, The PT Services Group can conduct in-depth market research and data gathering. Our data collection programs are customized to meet our clients’ unique needs and can be used to serve a variety of purposes, from data generation and data verification to audience research. Typically, this process is resource-intensive and laborious, which discourages many organizations from conducting data gathering internally. With our data gathering program, we can optimize your market research efforts so that you can focus on supplying your sales team with actionable information.

Connect with us or contact John Pojeta (412-291-6685), our VP of Business Development, to find out how data collection can improve your business.