Benefit Advisors

Business Benefit Advisors:  The PT Services GroupThe Benefit Advisors who we serve provide health insurance and group plans to businesses as small as 10 to 15 person operations or as large as a national corporation.

Recently, the implementation of new healthcare laws and regulations has created a new demand for Benefit Advisors. Businesses—uncertain of how these changes will impact them—need an expert that they can trust to guide them through adopting the ideal plan for their future, and The PT Services Group provides the most efficient and effective tools for connecting you with these opportunities.

At The PT Services Group, we work with the premier players in the industry who go beyond just providing benefits to businesses. They take on the role of consultants and develop lasting relationships with business owners and key decision makers. For the Benefit Advisors that use our appointment setting programs, this means meeting with decision makers that are looking for a Benefit Advisor that they can trust to keep the best interests of their businesses in mind. For the Benefit Advisors that use our business intelligence programs, this means reaching out to businesses that could benefit—based on voice-verified criteria—from the services that you provide.

To learn more about how we can help you meet new prospects and grow your business, please contact us directly or explore our appointment setting, business intelligence, and data collection programs.